MN421UAE - Castor Oil 60 Capsules

Natural Laxative and colon cleanser

Castor Oil helps in constipation as a natural laxative , and intestine cleanser before a medical examination or surgery, as it increases bowel movement.

Natural castor oil in soft gelatin capsule with rapid action.


Castor Oil is a strong fatty acid oil used in cases of constipation & colon cleanser .

Vitamin E is a natural anti oxidant supports the healing process of inner lining of the colon.

Castor Oil - Vitamin E
Children 2-11 years : 3-6 capsules per day. - Adults : 4-8 Capsules per day.
60 Capsules.
Don't exceed daily recommended dose without consulting your doctor. - Not used in pregnancy without doctor consultation.
MN421UAE - Castor Oil 60 Capsules


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