MN401UAE - Mar-in-oil

Salmon oil with natural Vitamin E

MARNYS®  Mar-in-oil , rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, has been developed to support body function, having beneficial effects on inflammation, serum triglyceride levels and important organs like heart, lungs, joints, brain and the nervous system.

MARNYS® Salmon Oil is a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids. natural vitamin E, in soft gelatin capsule

MARNYS® Salmon Oil:

  • Supports normal heart function.
  • Supports functions & structure of visual organs.
  • Supports mental health.
  • Positive effect on inflammatory diseases.
  • Supports nervous system function.

Vitamin E:

  • Is of vital importance in the membranes of the retina cells (where the highest amount of the body DHA is concentrated), as it protects against oxidation and maintains the concentration of DHA.
Salmon oil , Vitamin E
1 capsule per day
60 soft gelatin capsules
Food supplement should not be used as a substitute of a balance diet.
MN401UAE - Mar-in-oil


69.00 د.إ


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