MN619UAE - Propolsaft Syrup

Used for dry & wet cough .

MARNYS® PROPOLSAFT is natural product that helps to strengthen our immune system, increasing body resistance to infection & helps to relief wet & dry cough.

MARNYS® PROPOLSAFT contains, Propolis, Honey, Thyme, Menthol & Acerola , free of alcohol.

  • Propolis has antimicrobial properties.
  • Honey is composed of a high content of essential amino acids & has balsamic properties.
  • Thyme has balsamic and relaxing properties.
  • Menthol has analgesic and antiseptic activities.
  • Acerola cherry is one of the fruits with most vitamin C.
Purified Propolis , Bee honey, Acerola, Menthol and Thyme .

Children: 5 ml x 3 times daily

Adult: 10 ml x 3 times daily.

Shake well before use.

125 ml bottle
Not recommended if you have allergy from bee by products.
MN619UAE - Propolsaft Syrup


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