MN442UAE - Acticol 60 Capsules

Helps to relief excess intestinal gases.

Helps detoxify our body by absorbing the toxic substances locate in the digestive tract and relieves flatulence or excessive gases in the intestine which leads to better function of the digestive system.

MARNYS® Acticol contains activated charcoal, mina and anis in a soft gelatin capsule with rapid action. Thanks to the interaction of its components, it contributes to the reduction of intestinal spams, leading to a better funcioning of the digestive system.

  • Active Charcoal : of Vegetable Origin is a highly adsorbent element of gases present in the digestive system.
  • Mint : is used in flatulence, dyspepsia and intestinal colic.
  • Anise : is used as antispasmodic, anti flatulence & digestive agent . 
  • Soy Oil : helps to transport the active ingredients through out the colon, ensuring fast action.
Soya oil, activated charcoal, anise and mint.

2-3 capsules after meals.

60 capsules
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
MN442UAE - Acticol 60 Capsules


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